• Could you benefit from clarity?

    Understanding who you are and how you fit into your world (career, family, community) can often be quite elusive. The pace of change these days is dizzying, and with it can come anxiety, confusion and frustration. Read More>>

  • Could you benefit from leadership development?

    According to John Maxwell, “Leadership is nothing more, or nothing less, than influence.” And he or she who has the most hope has the most influence. Read More>>

  • Could you benefit from sharpening your communication skills?

    Did you know that you are always communicating with those in close proximity to you? With or without words, we are all always communicating. Our thoughts inspire our words, our words lead to actions, our actions to habits and our habits to our destinies. Read More>>

Paul A. Perez, Principal

Paul A. Perez, Principal

Coaching for the Healthcare Leader

In Hebrew, Paul means “small” and Perez means “breakthrough.” True to my name, I specialize in helping individuals and organizations move from where they are to where they want to be. I do this by facilitating daily small breakthroughs for the professionals with whom I am fortunate enough to work. It’s who I am and who you’ll get when we work together.

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