Communication Skills

Could you benefit from sharpening your communication skills?

Did you know that you are always communicating with those in close proximity to you? With or without words, we are all always communicating. Our thoughts inspire our words, our words lead to actions, our actions to habits and our habits to our destinies. At every link in this causal chain, we are communicating intentions, feelings, goodwill or ill-will, and a host of other sentiments and messages. Our words, tones of voice, body language or level of engagement are all an important part of this dynamic. We will create awareness of how we relate to ourselves and the people and world around us and then create meaningful and powerful ways of relating and getting things done. We will also examine communication transmission and processing styles and endeavor to discover key places for quality improvement. Indeed, we’ll explore how the quality of your conversations is a barometer of the quality of your relationships. This is the “do” of our cornerstone program.

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