Leadership Development

Could you benefit from leadership development?

According to John Maxwell, “Leadership is nothing more, or nothing less, than influence.” And he or she who has the most hope has the most influence. I believe that everyone has the capacity for leadership and certain inborn leadership gifts and hard-wiring that the world around them needs to see expressed and active. You and your team will benefit from the cultivation of your innate leadership giftings and become adept at recognizing and complementing the leadership gifts and skills of others in your team and organization. Becoming and being this leader will ignite growth and cohesion towards mission accomplishment. Some critical topics in our leadership development “curriculum” are: attitude (it’s not what you think it is!), values, visioning, emotional intelligence and relationships, behavior change, spiritual intelligence (how you rest and renew yourself and live out your life purpose), conflict and courageous conversations and how to design a life and career strategic plan. This is the “be” of the cornerstone of the program.

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